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Best products for travelling with your pets

At Bear's Pet Shop, we understand that traveling with your furry companion can be a fun and exciting experience, but it can also be a bit stressful. That's why we have a wide range of pet supplies for traveling with your dog and cat that are designed to make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable for both you and your pet.

Our collection includes a wide selection of portable bowls, to ensure that your pet always has access to fresh water and food while on the road. Our bowls are made from durable, leak-proof materials, and are easy to clean and transport.

We also have a range of travel beds, so your pet can have a comfortable and familiar place to rest while on the road. Our travel beds come in different sizes and materials, and provide a comfortable and supportive surface for your pet to sleep on.

Additionally, we have a range of car seat protectors to protect the seats of your car from dirt and scratches when travelling with your pet.

All our pet supplies for traveling are designed to make your pet's journey as comfortable and stress-free as possible. With our collection, you can be sure that your pet will have everything they need for a safe and happy trip.

What are the best options for transporting my cat or dog while travelling?

The best options for transporting your cat or dog while traveling depend on the mode of transportation and the distance of the trip. For shorter trips, a carrier or crate may be sufficient, while for longer trips or air travel, a kennel or pet-approved airline carrier may be necessary. Consult with your vet for specific recommendations.

How can I prepare my cat or dog for travel?

Preparing your cat or dog for travel includes ensuring they are healthy and up to date with vaccinations, obtaining any necessary travel documents, and acclimating them to their carrier or kennel in advance. It's important to familiarize your pet with car rides, as well as getting them used to being in a carrier or crate.

Can I take my cat or dog on a plane?

Most airlines have specific rules and regulations for traveling with pets. You should check with your airline well in advance to determine their requirements and make sure to familiarize with the regulations of the destination country. It's also important to keep in mind that not all pets are suitable for air travel and it's best to consult with your vet first.

What should I pack for my cat or dog when travelling?

When packing for your cat or dog, it's important to include their food and water bowls, food and water for the duration of the trip, any necessary medications, and comfortable bedding for them to sleep on. Consider also items like familiar toys, treats, and a leash for walks. A valid ID tags with contact information is important for identification as well.

What should I do if my cat or dog gets carsick while travelling?

If your cat or dog gets carsick while travelling, it's important to keep the car well-ventilated and to take frequent breaks to allow them to stretch their legs and get fresh air. Some pets may also benefit from products specifically designed to prevent motion sickness, you can consult your vet to know which options would be best for your pet.

How can I keep my cat or dog cool during hot weather travel?

Keeping your cat or dog cool during hot weather travel includes providing them with plenty of fresh water and shade, and avoiding travelling during the hottest part of the day. It's also important to never leave your pet in a parked car, as temperatures can quickly rise to dangerous levels.

Can I bring my cat or dog to a hotel or vacation rental?

It's important to check with the hotel or vacation rental in advance to ensure that they are pet-friendly and to learn about any additional fees or restrictions that may apply. Some rentals may only allow certain types of pets.